The Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA) was founded in 2008. CASRA emerged from the Visual Cognition Research Group (VICOREG) of the University of Zurich which was founded by Adrian Schwaninger in 1999.

The main objective of CASRA is to increase security and facilitation at airports and other environments involving people and technology.

  • CASRA uses an adaptive approach by combining applied psychology, computer science and economic analyses.
  • All software, methods and procedures are based on scientific research and are continuously improved in close collaboration with experts and end users.
  • Our knowledge is provided to society through publications in scientific journals, conferences and magazines.

CASRA members emerge from the following organizations:

  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), School of Applied Psychology, Institute Human in Complex Systems (MikS)
  • University of Zurich, Visual Cognition Research Group (VICOREG)
  • Applied Psychological Science Solutions (APSS)

CASRA’s interdisciplinary effort and success is documented in many publications, funded projects, international collaborations and software products that have been installed in more than 40 countries at more than 900 airports and other sites worldwide.